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          What Choir Means To Us

          Recent Features Stories

          The 4014’s Return

          June 3, 2019

          The famous  4014 "Big Boy" ran for the first time in 58 years on May 4, 2019. The trip started in Wyoming...

          North Star Equestrian Center

          June 3, 2019

          When people think of people with horses many automatically think of life on a ranch. That is not always...

          Transition Assembly

          June 3, 2019

          On May 22, MJHS 8th graders went to the transition assembally at Central High School. The assembly is...

          Leaving for East

          Recent Sports Stories

          June 3, 2019

          I've been playing softball since 5th grade. It is a constant in my life. I moved to Wyoming in 2018....

          Swim Meets

          June 3, 2019

          Many people participate in sports. Swim meets are unique. Wyoming swimmers travel around the state to...

          Tr1be Basketball

          June 3, 2019

          Tribe basketball is a program that brings junior high kids up to high school practices and camps to help...

          Swim Meets

          Recent Activities Stories

          May 31, 2019

          Pole Vaulting is a sport that requires confidence, training, skill, and a little bit of craziness. Porter...

          January 31, 2019

          The Valentine's Day dance will be Feb. 14th from 6-8 pm at MJHS. Please make sure you have a ride home...

          January 30, 2019

          The Valentine's Day dance will be February 14th from 6-8 pm. Please make sure that you have a ride to...

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