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          About Us
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          I. Honesty culture
          Honesty is the foundation of Hubsound and the main behavior principle of staff in the Company.
          For customers, honesty means customers-oriented, establishing the service concept of customers first and not undertaking the things can not be done.
          For staff, honesty and credit, integrity and candor are the important qualities of staff. Honesty also includes the staff??s responsibility and loyalty for the Company.

          II. Customer culture
          Customers are supreme and we constantly strive for customers?? success.
          Establish customer culture and always keep enthusiastic for customers. We provide the products and services that customers need, offer the price that customers are willing to and shall ensure target customers understanding the advantages of the services provided by the Company. Furthermore, we shall keep our promises and can predict the customers need in the future.
          III. Professional culture
          Profession means that staff shall possess occupational quality and improve the professional knowledge and standards by means of learning, training and exploiting, and also means provide professional service for customers and build a professional corporate image.

          IV. Learning culture
          Learning is a kind of virtue. Successful experience of advanced enterprises shall be learnt. Treat all the criticism in open and broad mindset.
          World is becomingmore unpredictable than ever, but the only definite thing is that we should strike first to gain the initiative to adapt to changes of environment. We establish new type enterprise culture beneficial to sharing and added value of enterprises knowledge. Knowledge should be regarded as the most significant resource in enterprise. Moreover, organizations and employees should be supported to effectively acquire, initiate, share and take advantage of knowledge to improve enterprise??s core competitiveness and become an organization featuring on learning.

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